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Spend time with family and friends while the business keeps making more. You get to really do what you love, and love what you do.

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Your business built to last, will allow you to earn more and experience the life you wanted to live with money models and system for monthly and yearly revenue without any cap.

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Do You Believe In Yourself?

It Was After Josh Facilitated A High-Ticket Deal Close (Over $10K USD)

Just Around 2 Months Of Working At CAP WORLD Top Life

That He Realized That High-Ticket Sales Are Real.

It Was After Daniel Closed Over $2K USD

After A Few Months Working With Us In The Mentorship Program At CAP WORLD Too Life

That He Realized One Can Really Charge Beyond $200

And Still Find People Who Can Comfortably Pay That.

And The List Goes On,

What I Am Trying To Say Is....

Most People Not Believing In Themselves Can Most Of The Time Be Cause By Them Not Seeing

Or Experiencing Success.

Yes, You Read Or Even See It Happen To Or With Other People But Not To You,

And Think It's All FAKE,

You Think It's A LIE, Or Just A SCAM...

You Call The People Names,

You Start Doubting Them...

However, The Real Thing Is It's Yourself You're Doubting...

They Just Show You It Is Possible...

Yet You Still Do Not Believe.

It's Not In Them You're Not Believing,

Doing That, Or Acting That Way Shows You Do Not Believe In Yourself.

They Are Not So Special Than You...

Mind You They Also Came From Trenches, Poverty, However You May Call It...

They Just Shifted Their Mindset And Took Action. Then They Realized,

They Were Not Really Poor, Their Mind Was,

It's The Limiting Beliefs They Had That Kept Them Stuck.

No Clarity, No Specific Focus,

And It's Okay...As Long As You're Willing To Seek Help,

Or Experience Transformation.

How Does It Feel When The Only Person Not Believing In You Is You And Only You?

Tell Me About It...

As You Can See, It Is Possible...

Why Are You Still Doubting Yourself?

Why Are You Still Procrastinating?

Why Are You Still Scared Of The Unknown?

You Tell Yourself: I Am Waiting For A Sign Daily,

Yet You Skip Posts Like These, And Tell Yourself, This Cannot Be True.

Well, It's You Lying To Yourself Now.

Because It Is True, And It Is Possible.

It's A Lot Of Proof Already...

You Too Can Win, You Too Can Succeed...

Just Believe...And Take Action.

Start Believing In Yourself Now...

Thank Me Later...

All Praises To The Most High!!!

PS. For Business Or Mentorship Or Careers Inquiries,

You Know Where To Find Me.

Let's Get You Or People You Know To Experience Transformation This Year.

Take Action NOW As It's The Best TIME.

To Your Success,

👑 KING Clovis AP

Serial Entrepreneur & Mentor/Coach (You Name It...Haha)

Your Reliable Business Solutions Partner.

About KING Clovis AP

Believer, Serial Entrepreneur, KING, DAD, Father, Husband, Author, Investor, Mentor, Coach, Introvert, And Artist That Builds And Scales World-Class Businesses And Brands.🎯

KING Clovis AP Has Generated Over $30B USD In Clients' Revenue From 2007 To Date. From International Household Name Brands, To Fortune 500 Companies, And More With Reliable and Automated Business Solutions for Modern World-Class Companies.

Automating up to 80% of Businesses or Brands Operations Using The Very Own Advanced CAP WORLD Top Life Business Solutions And Leading Global AI Technologies Leverage To Give Clients Or Customers A Great Business Experience With CAP WORLD Top Life As Well As Their Customers And Clients Without The Need Of Them Being Tech Savvy or Having Any Knowledge Of A Line Of Code To THRIVE.


Industries Expertise...


Real Estate & Construction

Fintech & Insurance

Healthcare & Beauty


Local Businesses & Professionals


Media & Entertainment

And More...


WOW...The System Really Works...It Works!

"I can see how helpful it is to have everything all in one place. Just the robust connection to the Facebook ads alone is huge. I can see you guys have put a ton of work into the development of this software. Once people find out about it, you'll have an empire in your hands."

Lauren S. (United States)

(Valued CAP WORLD Top Life Client)


"Honestly, I do not know how to thank you. I am humbled, once again."

(United States)

(Valued CAP WORLD Top Life Client)

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